We all know what it feels like to be powerless over people, events or circumstances.

What is the difference between those individuals who quit in defeat and those who use life’s temporary setbacks to catapult themselves on to greater success?

They are resilient, they have learned how to adapt to life’s naturally occurring and unpredictable stressors: loss of income, health or relationships, as well as other daily challenges.

The good news is these skills can be learned at any age, by anyone willing to take an area of their life and use these techniques to give them transformative results.

In this four week course, you will be given the tools you need, based upon the latest research in mind-body medicine, positive psychology, the happiness project and proven success principles that work.

The course includes:

  • 1 private coaching call with Debra May
  • The Creating ProsperityTM Workbook
  • Success tools based upon the latest research in mind-body medicine, positive psychology, and the happiness project

A four week transformative LIVE course designed to help you: 

  1. Reduce daily stress
  2. Use your emotions effectively
  3. Learn proven success strategies

You will learn how to thrive, not just survive!

Creating Prosperity is a unique course that integrates three key components:


 Create the life that you envision for yourself!

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