The First Step Toward Fulfilling Your Dreams

Success is a relative term and everything we experience comes back to our own perception. To make real lasting changes in your live, you have to begin somewhere. Your first step is to take my “Personal Assessment” test.  Learn more about my personal assessment here.


  1. Choose one category to work on.
  2.  You can also create your own category.  For example, you could replace NETWORK with RECREATION or HOBBIES. Make it relevant to YOUR life.
  3. Next, set an INTENTION. An intention is a direction that you are moving toward. For example in the category of BODY or Health. Your intention could be: “I want to improve my health.”
  4. After the Intention comes your GOAL. “I want to lose 10 pounds over the next three months.
  5. Following your Goal, is your ACTION PLAN. Examples could be: “I will drink one protein shake a day or work out three times a week or eat more salads.”
  6. Now you have set your intention, made a goal and have an action plan!