headshot_web_300Debra May has dedicated her career and life to personal transformation. She was mentored by Dr. Deepak Chopra and became one of his first certified instructors in 1997 in the field of ‘Mind-Body’ Medicine. Her research and work with people in the realm of emotional intelligence led to her innovative program, Creating Prosperity ™ that plays a vital role in unlocking the previously hidden, limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind.

Debra is committed to helping you identify and remove obstacles in your life with a unique Coaching for Prosperity system. She helps you build more confidence and create more profits in your business, as well as more harmony in your life and personal relationships. Can you imagine becoming more profitable while doing the work that you love? It’s possible.

When you are ready to make more money in your business, Debra will teach you methods that will attract more business and earn more income with more confidence. While money is not the primary driver for most of Debra’s clients, they are motivated by successfully serving their ideal clients and earning good money while doing it.

About-Life-Coaching-4-Prosperity-ImageHow can I help you?

I have a view to helping people develop specific knowledge or awareness. It involves defining goals and outcomes, careful questioning and considerate listening to explore issues and aims. Goals may focus on professional growth, career development or specific personal skills and have the objective of reaching previously defined short or long-term goals.

The coach and client decide on the number and frequency of sessions, timeframes and record keeping. Some clients work on one issue and feel complete with the process. Others prefer to have a coach help them by providing an objective view of the ongoing issues in their life.


“As CFO of a large, multi-national company, I have the honor and responsibility to lead through example. Debra’s coaching over the past year has helped me clean the lenses of my perspective, so I can lead more effectively. More importantly, the insights that I have gained working this unique system,  have helped me on a personal level as well.“ Tony W.

“I was totally overwhelmed by life’s challenges of caring for my young children as well as my spouse’s aging parents. Debra’s coaching helped me reduce my stress after we designed a ‘priority system.’ I now have specific action steps that I use to take care of myself as well as my family.  I incorporated activities that brought joy back into my life again, so I am a better parent, spouse and effective care-giver.” Julie T.

“I have struggled for most of my life with excess weight. Although every other area of my life worked well, I felt like a failure. Debra’s program helped me zero in on the self-sabotaging, limiting beliefs that I held, without ever realizing it. After I was aware of them,  I was able to eliminate them, one at a time until they no longer affected my ‘lack of self-control” in the area of nutrition. I was amazed at how I was able to finally be successful in this area, that had until now beaten me. Thanks Debra!” Brenda S.